Special Needs Education

The course is designed to provide you with the tools that you will require in order to make a difference to how individuals with special needs are taught, and give you a better understanding of their requirements and the challenges they face. And also you will be taken through various disabilities, both physical and mental to provide with a better understanding of how to handle their issues allowing them to make better progress than ever before. Therefore Special Needs Course accomplishes the trainee how to guide children with disabilities or impairments, about their behaviour that is appropriate and inacceptable by the society. In an inclusion classroom, students with disabilities and other special needs are thought with non-disabled students, instead of being isolated in a special education classroom.

Course Contents

Qualifications are approved and regulated by Ofqual, learners are eligible to progress to top-up degree and masters programmes at many universities in UK and overseas with advanced standing

Level 4

The aim of this unit to develop learners’ understanding of the dimensions of the business environment, including various business types and purpose.

The aim of this unit is to enhance learners’ business communication skills and enable them to operate confidently in the business world. Learners will be able to:

  • make persuasive presentations
  • negotiate convincingly
  • write reports that address and/or solve strategic problems
  • write promotional material•enhance their cultural awareness
  • enhance their understanding of cross-cultural communication, and the role of languages in business.

The aim of this unit is to review the basic concepts in mathematics, algebraic equations, graph construction, matrix algebra and probability that need to be understood by all businesslearners. The emphasis rests on applying these concepts to a variety of mathematical problems encountered in business contexts.

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of businesses types and various external influences on organisations such as the comparative environmental framework.

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding ofthe current regulations governing financial reporting, as well as the purpose and formats of financial statements for different users.

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