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This Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) teaching course gives you everything you need to know about becoming an effective EYFS teacher. At the conclusion of this course, participants have the tools they require to confidently pursue a career in early years teaching.

This EYFS teaching course covers many topics related to early years education, from the reasoning behind the framework to tips on how to develop your own curriculum. We have developed this course to give students important information about their career options.

Throughout the course, students receive a full explanation of EYFS teaching, as well as information about child development, what it’s like to work as an EYFS teacher, and an understanding of the framework of EYFS. The course also covers how, as an EYFS teacher, a person promotes child development and learning. Students of this course further learn about different methods of teaching.


This course was designed to give takers a total overview of what is involved in EYFS teaching.

Here’s what the course covers:

  1. Introduction to EYFS teaching and Early Years of Childhood Development
  2. Working as an EYFS Teacher
  3. Understanding the EYFS framework
  4. Promoting Learning and Development
  5. Curriculum for EYFS Teaching
  6. Methods for EYFS Teaching


This Early Years Foundation Stage course includes the following benefits:

  • An affordable course that gives you the background you need to pursue a career in EYFS teaching
  • A curriculum that is easy to understand, divided into 10 complete modules
  • The achievement of fully understanding the EYFS teaching framework, which helps students to find work as an EYFS teacher.
  • Learning new skills, such as understanding child development, which enhances the abilities in the classroom or beyond.
  • The preparation is necessary to work or volunteer in the classroom with children in different roles.
  • The ability to study from any location with an internet connection
  • Learn the material at any time and at your own pace
  • Lifetime access to the course – no deadlines
  • Obtain a recognised certification when completing the course, which will improve your career prospects

Course Content

01. Developing Lesson Plan
02. Differentiate the classroom
03.Seating Arrangement
04. How to be an interactive Teacher
05. Developing classroom activities and teaching aids
06. Interactive Classroom Activities
07.Action Learning
08.Conduct Disorder
09.Guidance and counselling
10. First Aids for teachers